Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I rooooooode Bracos!


Last Saturday (27th Feb) it was time so see if Bracos was sound to lunge. I am pleased to report he was sound in walk, trot and canter on both reins. We even managed a couple of jumps! He was such a good boy.

Bracos being lunged

We're a team and jump together!

That's quite a big leap for a very small jump Bracos!
Yesterday afternoon I actually got to have a proper ride on Bracos! I've only owned him for 2 months LOL.

I gave him a little lunge to check he was still sound after Saturdays lunging and then Chad gave me a leg up.

At first I nearly jumped off him because he was pinning his ears back so my initial reaction was "he's sore". But then I realised that he was quite happy to stand by the gate to the arena and it was only when I asked him to walk away that his ears went back. So I decided to persevere and I asked him to walk away from the gate. The response was really quite remarkable. He's a pretty horse, but not with his ears pinned back! When ears back didn't work he tried a little buck. My response was "That's awesome that you can stand one your front feet Bracos but you still have to work". After that he admitted defeat and carried on as if nothing has happened. But every time he went past the gate the ears went back again. Nappy little bugger!

I'm going to try my Old Macs pad on him when I ride on Wednesday (I'm reasonably sure the saddle fits OK) and see if that makes a difference but to be honest I just think he's a Young horse trying it on with a new rider. He will NOT be getting away with it!

Yay! I'm on my horse!

A little trot, ears going back because he's nearing the gate.

Having a cruise around the arena

We have our first ribbon day together on Sunday at Silverdale Pony Club with Waitemata Adult Riding Club. So fingers crossed we don't disgrace each other that much! Haha!

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