Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's been going on.... Part 2 (Bracos)

A few weeks on from seeing John Ewan and coming home from Abderry Bracos was still lame. I rang John and asked him at what stage we get worried. He said it was probably a good idea to get the area xrayed now. John recommended Mark from Kumeu vets to do this.

A few days later Mark came and examined Bracos. First he nerve blocked his foot and surprise surprise he was sound on the lunge. This told us what area was sore and that this was the area we should xray.

Nothing showed up on the xray (which was VERY good news, I was so scared that I would have to retire Bracos as well!) except a bit of inflammation around the coffin bone. Mark diagnosed Bracos with a touch of  pedalostiosis because he feet were so unbalanced (honestly, how hard is it to get a farrier or trimmer that actually knows what they are doing?). He diagnosed a course of shoes (:P).

So last Wednesday night Dave Rhodes came and put some shiny new shoes on Bracos. After a CORRECT trim and with the shoes back on he was instantly walking much better. Dave thought I would be surprised by how quickly he because sound again and predicted I would be riding him this weekend. Let's hope he is right!!!!

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